San Choi Figtree

Photos are at my Pinterest board eating out

Went in and ordered a picked up Chinese/Thai dinner. Ready in 15min but was cold by time I drove home (10 min drive) so reheated it oven.

Banquet #1 Thai
Choice of 2 entree’s:
Net spring rolls(6) with dipping sauce
Thai fish cakes (4) with dipping sauce
choice of 2 mains:
Jungle curry chicken
Garlic king prawns (I asked for the Chinese white garlic sauce as it has no soy but it still had soy in the dish)
1 boiled rice
1 large pack kroop ook (prawn crackers)
4 fortune cookies

Table for 2 squashed into a corner when there were plenty seats avail. But apart from that, great food. Normally we get a choice where we sit if they are not busy and its not normally a issue. Today I tried the tom kha soup for the first time. It came entrée size which was lovely and just the right size for me. Price was cheap and well worth it. Will get this again. We have been here several years so I think today was just a bad day for the waiter as we normally have exceptional service.

We have eaten here many times over the years since they opened at Figtree Grove which was previously called Figtree Westfield. San Choi Figtree have great Thai and Chinese. Always good food.

I had lunch with a friend (my usual jungle curry chicken) and ordered the crying tiger to take home for dinner. Quick lunch meals from $8.90 and very generous serves (probably 2 serves per dish)

Takeaway is another option I choose from time to time and they don’t disappoint.
Always ready within about 10 minutes of ordering.

I have had a hard time finding Chinese White Garlic Sauce as many restaurants are adding soy to the stock. On this occasion I asked if it was the white sauce or had soy and was told no it was the white sauce. Well that’s not what I Got. It came with Soy.