Pizza: light & fluffy crust

pizza for lunch and dinner for 2.

My Light and fluffy crust was achieved with gluten-free sr flour and lactose-free Greek yogurt with vanilla yogurt

Homemade pizza light and fluffy crust

Pizza meal









Preheat oven 180*c

pizza serves 8 small size pieces

Ingredients for the base:

1tb lactose free yogurt jalna

2tb vanilla yogurt yoplait

4Tb gluten free sr flour



mix together in bowl.

if it’s too sticky add more flour until a smooth dough.

I didn’t knead the dough so it’s light and fluffy

Line and spray pizza tray and roll dough out to fit tray


then top with the following in order they are written


1 sachet tomato paste

6 slices burger cheese slices

3 slices ham diced

1 lapchong chinese sausage

1handful diced celery

1 handful diced onion

1 handful sliced mushrooms

1 light handful parmigiana cheese

bake in oven for 20 min

Side salad
















Can be served with garlic bread

i used oven baked wholemeal dinner bread rolls spread with logical margarine,  garlic powder and parsley flakes

side salad with parmigiano cheeese with rocket and lemon

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