Korean: kalbi beef bibimbap

The ultimate comfort food!

Bibimbap! Bibimbap means mixed rice usually with bbq meat, vegetables, rice and egg.

This dish is to use up vegetables and kalbi marinade.

I Love this bowl of goodness.

Kimchi is also Korean fermented cabbage with chili and salted over weeks in barrels to ferment then rinsed and kept in jars with gochujang.

I will be making more bibimbap bowls soon. See my other bowl meals here.  

Kalbi beef Bibimbap



Ingredients per bowl 

3 outer leaves of Wombok sliced

1 handful of Tatsoi (I grow this in my vegepod)

1 small Carrot grated or sliced or ribbons

1 green Shallot sliced includes the white part

2 button Mushrooms sliced (shitake would also be good or brown mushrooms)

1Tb Kimchi

1/3 cup Jasmine rice

1 Organic free range egg

50g Kalbi beef marinade

1 Grass fed beef steak cut into strips

1tsp Sesame seeds

1tsp Sesame oil

1Tb Peanut Oil

Optional : Can be served with gochujang or sriarcha if you like spicy.



Marinate the beef in the kalbi marinade in covered container at least 2hr (overnight is preferable) and then fry/grill/bbq (or slow cook on high for 1hr). Traditionally it is cooked over flames on hibachi grill

Cook the rice with water to just cover rice (it cooks by absorbing the water and no rinsing at the end of the cook.) in microwave for 10minutes. fluff with fork and put in ramekin or measuring cup to place in centre of bowl and carefully lift it off to get the round shape.

Prepare the rest of the meal as above ingredients. eg Cut and slice carrot, shallot, mushrooms etc.

Place the vegetables evenly around the rice. Then reheat bowl for 2 minutes and place lid on bowl (or cover with glad wrap)

Fry the egg in non stick skillet with cooking spray then place on top of the rice and cover bowl again to keep warm.

Cook the meat for 2min and place in bowl.