Fish burger and chips

I had some soft rolls left over so I have made a fish burger and chips. Divine!

The order of ingredients on the roll is important so the roll isn’t soggy after it was crisped up in the oven.

These cute little chip baskets are $2 at Kmart and add a classy touch to serving hot chips. I always line it with baking paper so it doesn’t sog the chips.

Fish burger and chips

Fish burger and chips











Per person

1 Soft Hot dog roll

1 piece Basa fillet boneless skinless (Frozen)

1 handful of coral Lettuce

1/2 Avocado mashed

1/2tsp fresh grated Tumeric mixed with 1tsp  garlic paste and 1Tb organic  mayo

50g Straight cut chips

5 slices vegepod beetroot

1/4 lemon wedges

cooking spray olive oil



Preheat oven 180*c

Place foil on baking tray and wrap Fish in foil

On a 2nd tray line with foil and sprayed with cooking spray, place chips on tray and then spray again with cooking spray on top of the chips so they cook evenly. Half way of baking them eg 20minutes turn the chips over.

Bake both  in oven at same time for 40min (* if fish is thawed it will take 20min)

Sprinkle sea-salt or chicken salt if you have it  over chips after they are cooked.

Split bun lengthwise and bake for 5 min to get it nice and crusty then remove from oven. (Tip :If its a little stale, sprinkle it very lightly with water, not much eg a flick of water,  and it will crisp up again)

Mix together the tumeric, garlic paste and mayo in a small ramekin and spread the top half of the bun with this mixture.

Place the lettuce on bottom of the bun then spread with avocado that has been mashed with fork.

Slice and put beetroot on top of avocado evenly.

Add the  cooked fish and close the top bun over the fish

Serve chips in baking paper

Serve with 1/4 lemon wedges