Indian Feast #8

Indian Feast #8 for 2 people: Goila Butter Chicken by Sashi adapted by me, Coriander Rice, Mango Relish, Tomato Garlic Chili Chutney, Raita by Loki, Cucumber, Potato & Eggplant Fry by Loki Recipe adapted by me


Another Indian Feast. These are not my recipes this time except I had to adapt them to what I had avail in house. Most are MasterChef 2018 recipes. I adapted them by either using less ingredients as in Goila Butter Chicken by Sashi (my adapted recipe is minus the mace and tomatoes and I used powdered cardamom and tomato soup substitutes) and Potato Fry by Loki )I added Eggplant. I used pre-bought Chutney and relish, pappadum and naan instead of making my own. The basmati is served with Coriander through it which I haven’t added in photo.

Feast #8 thali plate and chutnets were put in middle section before photo taken










Indian Sides feast # 8 – Tayor Spice Tomato Garlic Chili Chutney, Loki Raita, Sharwood Mango Relish, Fresh Cucumber strips







Sashi Goila Butter Chicken Recipe on MasterChef Australia 2018 website









MasterChef 2018 Recipe by Loki Potato Fry – I added Eggplant






Basmati Rice cooked in microwave bowl by absorption method then plated – need to add fresh coriander through it












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