Indian feast #7

Indian Feast #7 for 2

Another homemade Indian Feast for 2. Made my own Madras Curry Beef Paste. I also made the pancakes and spiced rice and mint chutney. The rest of the meal was using bought items found in supermarkets.


Dessert lemon and pistachio pancakes with yogurt


Spiced rice : basmati w coriander, cardamom, almonds

Madras beef : homemade paste; coriander seed, cumin, cardamom, fresh tumeric, clove, cayenne pepper, fenugreek, black pepper, fresh red chili, garlic, lime juice, make a paste then add to pan with beef brisket cubed, maggi beer beef stock and raw c coconut milk. Slow cook for 1hour

Pouch jaipur vegetables


Mint chutney (mint, yogurt, green protein powder), mango chutney

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