Tom yum homemade

Made my own tom yum paste and soup without pre-bought tom yum paste.  Serves 4

Tom Yum Soup Paste and soup all homemade no jar paste used.












(Optional add 1tb tom yum paste or Thai red chili paste)

1 Cup Chicken stock

1 palm sugar cube

1tb peanut or olive oil

1tsp lemongrass

1tsp red chili

2 cloves garlic minced

1 red onion

1cube shrimp paste

1 lime juiced

1tsp tapioca flour

3 tomatoes cubed

1cm thumb piece ginger or galangal

1tsp sambal olek

1tsp kaffir lime leaf

1tsp fish sauce

1/2 packet Shitake Mushrooms

1 handful fresh coriander and stalks

(*I didn’t have prawns or chicken but you can add them if you want authentic tom yum).

It can be served as a clear soup or you could add 1-2Tb coconut milk for a creamy tom yum


Place all ingredients into pot and bring to boil slowly then reduce heat and simmer until fragrant and tomatoes have cooked down.



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