Catering: Mexican for 19-20

Burritos for 19

This was a Study dinner catering for 20 people.

My BBQ Chicken and black bean Burritos,  with Mexican rice, diy tortillas, mince, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese.

Accompanied by ccs , jalapeños and sour cream.
Time: 4 hours prep to complete



tortillas for 20

Salad for 20

Lettuce for 20

Sides : Light Sour Cream, Jalapenos, Tortilla Triangles


These were to accompany Mexican mince to DIY tortillas

(*NB: Only half of this qty was eaten on the night) There were a few burritos left see below.

Mexican Rice













This was leftover from study dinner.

We had these leftovers during the week as there were only 15 who turned up.

Burritos leftovers w Mexican rice










Jalapeño, salsa, sour cream w baked tortilla rounds

Salsa, sour cream and baked tortilla rounds