Five Taste Pots :

Five Taste Pots have all natural ingredients and the most authentic I have found for packaged curries and Asian seasonings. I use them all the time. When its hubby’s turn to cook he loves using them cause they are quick. We cook their red or green curry, Thai chili and basil, Vietnamese lemongrass and ginger, Chinese hoisin, massamaum paste. Directions are on the packets to make meal a breeze. Not much to add except meat and vegetables. Follow directions on packet. I often swap the chicken for pork or prawns for something different and it makes a nice change from chicken. The red and green curry have coconut milk added. Other stir-fries are Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese all in the same pots. I found them in Coles and Woolworths. Five Taste Pots are making meals super quick to get on the table. Full of natural ingredients. Healthy Asian Meals in under 20 minutes. Add meat or poultry or seafood and vegetables. Serve with Rice. Comes in Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai.


1st August : Thai Red Curry Chicken 

Five tastes red curry chicken (carrot and celery) w jasmine rice











23rd July : Thai Chili & Basil Chicken (Cooked  by Hubby)

Five Tastes Thai Chili & Basil Stir fry chicken – Cook with hubby











14th June : Kaffir Lime & Basil

I cooked the chicken separately in non stick pan then removed from pan. Cooked the rice by absorption method in microwave. while cooking the stir fry. Add vegetables to chicken and stir fry the vegetables with the sauce pouch. Couldn’t be easier.

Same dish plated on different colour plate










3rd May: Five Tastes Vietnamese lemongrass & kaffir lime chicken . I used thighs ( antibiotic free) with jasmine rice- Away on Conference with Self Catered Weekend. Pre Made and reheated in microwave for 2 minutes.

Five Tastes Vietnamese lemongrass & kaffir lime chicken thighs ( antibiotic free) with jasmine rice










21st March Five Taste: Chinese Hoisin Stir Fry Prawns, Vegetables and Rice & Thai Basil & Chili Chicken Stir Fry With Rice (Cooked by hubby) while on camping trip

Camping: Stir Fry Hoisin Prawn










Camping: Stir Fry Thai Chili Basil Chicken










5th March : Five Tastes: Thai Red Curry Chicken

Five Tastes red curry paste pots. Couldn’t be simpler. Sorry forgot to take photo again. This is one dish hubby loves to cook.
Serves 2
200g Chicken breast cubed
1Tb Peanut Oil
1 cup stir-fry frozen Vegetables
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/2 Pouch 90 second Microwave Jasmine Rice.

Stir fry the chicken in the oil
Add Curry paste and stir fry
Add Vegetables and stir
then add coconut milk.
Cook rice according to directions on packet keep half packet for another meal.


24th February : Five tastes Thai chili and basil chicken stir fry with vegetables and quinoa/brown rice with mineral water with lemon – Cooked in Executive Motel on Vacation as we had a full kitchen avail.

Five Taste Thai Chili & Basil Chicken  Cooked In Motel Room with Kitchenette











13th February : Five Taste Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Stir Fry by Hubby – Recipe he used below


Five taste Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken stir-fry – Cooked by Hubby











Ingredients Serves 2 –
1 Five Taste Vietnamese Lemongrass Pot
350g Chicken Breast Fillet cut into cubes
1 Cup Mixed Vegetables Frozen
1/2 Pouch jasmine Rice 90 second Microwave
1Tb Peanut Oil (Can also use Olive oil or coconut oil)

Cut the chicken add to skillet with 1 tb Peanut oil
Cook until brown add five taste pot and mix vegetables and stir fry for 2-3minutes
until vegetables are cooked through.
Tear corner of pouch of rice and place in microwave cook for 90 seconds
Serve with meal.


7th February : Five Tastes Chinese Hoisin & Chili Duck

Duck with Five Taste Chinese Hoisin & Chili pot












1 Duck Breast
1 Baby Bok Choy fresh from vegepod
1 Five Taste Hoisin & Chili Shot
1tsp Brown Sugar
1tsp Kepjap Manis Sweet Soy

Pan Seared the duck to render fat in non stick skillet then
continue to cook with lid on top of duck to steam it.
About 3min each side
In Separate Saucepan add the hoisin & chili shot, brown sugar
and soy and cook on low until sugar dissolves.
It goes thick like a sticky sauce.
Steam the wombok under the lid of the duck for final minute of cooking.
Serve duck on the wombok and spoon over the sauce


3rd & 9Th January: Five Taste Thai Green Curry

Five Taste Thai Green curry w red & brown rice








Five Taste Thai Chili Basil Pork










Ingredients Serves 2
300g poultry/red meat/fish/prawns
1 cup steamed vegetables *You can double it to 2 cups if you like your vegetables
1 Five Taste pot
*Add rice if you want to .
Tip: I use the rice pouches for microwave 90seconds and its done. I get 4 serves from 1 pouch