My Fancy Salads

My fancy salads

I love creating fancy salads from simple ingredients. Yes they take time (20-30min to make depending on how steady your hands are) and effort but love doing it for a treat for myself. See more at my Pinterest board


Fancy Salad 2018-1

Ingredients serves 1

1 handful Mixed leaves

1 1/2 slices Soccerball ham

3 baby yellow tomatoes

3 baby red tomatoes

3 strips thin cucumber

1 slice lactose free cheese

5 small dots of kewpie mayo

1/4 tsp pickled ginger

5 pitted black olives.

1tsp guacamole



Place the guacamole in middle of plate and spread down middle with spoon this is what everything sits on

then arrange the dark salad leaves at even spaces.

Cut the ham into half then roll lengthwise then roll up into rosette and place evenly on guacamole. To help seal ends use a dot of kewpie mayo

place the rest of the kewpie on plate with 5 dots (3 large 2 small) then place pickled ginger around the larger dots

Peel downwards strips of cucumber and roll place diagonal down middle of plate between each ham rosette

Place tomatoes yellow down middle of plate evenly

then the red around edges of the leaves evenly

fill in gaps with the olives and slice cheese into triangles and arrange around the plate evenly.

Smoked salmon , mixed leaves, cucumber, tomato and kewpie mayo