Catering: 90th Bday Party for 20-25


Blinis for 20-25

I was asked to do the Savory part for a 90th birthday afternoon tea for 20-25 people.

All ages from babies to 90yr.

The event was held outdoors on foldup camping tables in a backyard with camping chairs and picnic rugs for a informal afternoon tea.

7 hrs work

Actual served 19 people

Total cost $8.40/ head



Made 2 trays

Toppings I have chosen for savoury Blinis as per photo above:

Kewpie Mayo, Turkey Deli, Pickled Ginger, Fresh Coriander or Mint

Beetroot Tzatziki with Curly Parsley

Lactose-Free Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon with Dill

Yellow Relish with pastrami and Radish Slices

Horseradish Cream, Roast Beef with Gherkin


Blinis recipe : (Blinis is a mini pancake of bitesize)

Ingredients Makes approx. 30

1 Cup Organic Self Raising Flour
1 Organic Free Range Egg
1 Cup Lactose Free Milk
1Tb Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Light Pinch Sea-salt (For savoury) or raw sugar (for sweet)

Mix together and then place 1 dessert spoonful at a time in non stick skillet with cooking spray

and cook for a minute until it bubbles the flip for further minute.
Top with whatever you like.

Sweet or savoury

(1 tray only eaten)

Tasting platterwith mini skewers; meatballs with cherry tomatoes, cabanossi with cheese and pitted black olives, mini boccincini with cherry tomato and basil, skinless gluten-free mini hotdogs, artichoke hearts, gluten-free rosemary crackers











(1/4 qty of each skewers were eaten)


Beef and pork bbq sliders, soccerball ham and lactose free cheese croissants










(8/16 Sliders eaten, 10/12croissants eaten , 25/25 prawn cucumber rounds eaten)

Prawn with avocado on cucumber round