Indonesian: Chicken BBQ

Indonesian BBQ Chicken

Indonesian BBQ Chicken

Chicken BBQ is a always the traditional way to cook chicken if its not boiled/steamed. This is a great marinade to use on chicken. Serve with Steamed Rice and Green Beans or with Mash and Zucchini

Marinade: for 2 thighs

2-3 diced Garlic cloves

1 thumb knob peeled and diced Ginger (*use galangal if you have it)

1 small knob peeled and grated Tumeric

1 long Red Chili

1tsp tamarind paste

1tsp coriander seeds

1tsp lemongrass

1tsp kaffir lime leaf

1 palm sugar cube

Peanut Oil


Mix together and spread over chicken on both sides. Leave marinate for min 30minutes or overnight so flavours develop

BBQ on hot grill on bbq and baste with Kepjap Manis (Sweet Indonesian Soy) and Melted Butter combined.