Vietnamese Rolls

I love these Vietnamese rolls and I make my own filling. Great for lunch or any meal of the day.

For this one I used Kalbi Marinade for the beef strips. Slice beef thinly with fillet knife then marinade for 30minutes or overnight. then cook in non stick skillet. I don’t add oil but if you want to add 1tsp before frying peanut or sesame oil. the rest is all fresh ingredients as listed.

Vietnamese Roll with Kalbi Beef, Lettuce, Kewpie mayo, julienne carrot, cucumber strips, red capsicum strips, bean sprouts, red chili, pickled ginger, fresh mint, green shallot batons, fresh coriander.

BBQ chicken w lettuce, carrot, bean sprouts, cucumber, kewpie mayo vietnamese bread roll

Vietnamese roll with cucumber carrot bbq chicken breast pickled ginger lettuce kewpie mayo