Takeaway@home: fish and chips

Steamed Basa fish with steamed and pan fried chips w homemade tartare

This is a old recipe I refer to when I want fish and chips without the grease. The biggest loser cookbook has same but they grill their fish. I steam mine.










Ingredients serves 1

1 Basa fillet

1 handful frozen straight cut chips

1tb peanut oil

Juice 1/2lemon

Fresh parsley


Steam fish in microwave steamer 6min on high  transfer to serving plate and sprinkle with lemon juice and parsley

Cook chips in a microwave bowl 3min on high then cook  in non stick skillet with oil until crispy


Tartare sauce

1tb kewpie mayo

1tsp capers

1 cornishon

optional: 1tsp lemon juice


Dice capers and cornishons. Mix thogether with mayo and lemon juice in ramekin

Serve together