Dessert shot#4: raw cheeseake

I am using up pantry items. I wanted to make raw cakes or slices but didn’t have enough ingredients so mucked around with these qty and it worked out.

10 desserts









Dessert raw cheesecakes in jars











Berry shot
Berry shot











Ingredients made 10 desserts as above

Cheese cake with a base of :

160g Pecans

2Tb Coconut shredded

1tsp Vanilla Pure Extract

6 Medjool dates pitted

light pinch Sea salt

Method : 

Mix together in blender then chill on lined tray until needed


2Tb Honey

2TB Coconut oil

150g Cashews

150g Berries

1tsp Vanilla pure essence

1 Lemon juice and zest

2Tb Lactose free cream cheese


Blitz until smooth then distribute evenly w base in jars


Cream topping

300ml Lactose free cream

1Tb Icing sugar


Blitz together the pour on top berry mixture

Refridgerate until needed