Sauces: Mexican

Marinades or sauces for mexican

Guacamole – avocado, lemon juice, red capsicum, jalapeno

Taco Sauce- tomato base sauce with cumin, paprika, Mexican chili and coriander, garlic

Salsa – red onion, tomato, cucumber, coriander,  jalapenos, can add corn

Fajita – beef strips with Mexican black beans drained, corn, onion, tomato, fajita seasoning, serve with sliced tomato, lettuce, salsa, tortillas (Seasoning I make my own recipe coming soon)

Burrito- chicken strips, capsicum, Mexican black beans drained, taco sauce, jalapeños, burrito seasoning I make, add cheese and bake in tortilla wraps with salsa and cheese on top of the rolled wraps. Serve with garden salad or Mexican rice with corn and cumin, paprika, basmati rice, capsicum.


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