Vietnamese: pork salads

I love Vietnamese food and made these great salads for lunch but could be a dinner too.

Vietnamese pork salad w homemade nuoc cham & thai oyster sauce

I roasted cubes of pork shoulder in 180*c oven for 30minutes yesterday.  Then chopped the vegetables roughly same size. In airtight container.

Today i just had to serve it with 1-2Tb homemade nuoc cham sauce and 1tb thai oyster sauce . Simply place vegetables and pork on serving plate with thai oyster sauce drizzled over the top and microwave for 2 minutes.  Then dress salad with nuoc cham dressing, fresh mint, fresh coriander and crispy Asian noodles.

Vegetables used capsicum, baby corn, bok choy, carrot, green beans, broccoli, celery and mushrooms.

Lemongrass pork salad

Lemongrass marinade:

1Tb Soyu soy

1Tb Fish sauce

1 clove Garlic minced

1tsp Honey

Light pinch White pepper

1 Green shallot

Mix in pan add meat stir and cook on both sides. If you have  time marinate it for minimum 2hrs. I didnt have time today to marinade but it still worked and was delicious

Serve with Vietnamese salad

Red and green cabbage



Fresh coriander, mint and basil

Asian dried shallot

Optional crushed peanuts