Chinese white garlic sauce

Chinese garlic white sauce

Making a chinese white garlic sauce is easy.

Most restaurants these days have soy added so they are brown garlic sauce and some even have a Chinese master stock added.




Chinese White Garlic  Sauce :

1 cup Vegetable Stock,

2-3 cloves Garlic,

1cm Ginger grated,

1 Onion,

1tsp Gluten Free Cornflour or Arrowroot or Rice Flour to thicken, add water to make a slurry.

light pinch sea-salt.


Mix all together in saucepan unti sauce thickens

This sauce can be used for Prawns, Chicken, Vegetables (Baby Corn, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Snow Peas or Green Beans, Capsicum and Almonds- as per photo)

Chinese white sauce












Chinese White Sauce and Thai oyster sauce added to vegetables.

Served with Cooked rice.

Vegetables : celery, carrot, mushrooms, snow peas, baby corn.

NB: Thai oyster sauce is not as salty as Chinese oyster sauce and thinner.