Sauces: Chinese

Here are sauces I make for Chinese Dishes

Sweet N Sour-1/4 cup apple cider Vinegar, 2tb tomato sauce, 1 cup chicken stock, 1ts brown sugar, 1 onion, 1 cup pineapple juice, 1tsp cornflour slurry. Add to sauce capsicum, celery, carrot, pineapple pieces, green shallot and pork or chicken

Satay – 2Tb crunchy peanut, 1Tb soy,1tsp Garlic, 1tsp tamarind paste, 1Tb Sweet Chili Sauce, 1Tb Lactose free Milk, 1Tb Honey, 1/2tsp Fish Sauce, 1Tb Salt Reduced tomato Sauce, Add red chili if you want it hot

Lemon Chicken- lemon juice and zest, cornflour, ginger, chicken stock, honey

Black Bean-1 egg white, 1Tb Shouxing Wine, 2tb Salt Reduced Soy, 1tsp Gluten Free Cornflour, 1tsp Curry powder, 2tb Rinsed Asian black beans, pinch brown sugar, 1/3cup water, 1tb garlic, oil for frying beef strips

Mongolian- 2Tb Chinese Cooking Wine, 1Tb Salt Reduced Soy, 1Tb Oyster Sauce, 1tsp Malt Vinegar, 2Tb hoisin Sauce, 1Tb Gluten Free Cornflour mix with 1Tb water for slurry, 1Tb Garlic Minced, 1Tb Ginger Minced.  Sesame Oil to fry Beef or Lamb. Can add carrot, onion, green spring onion or bok choy to dish

Garlic- Chicken Stock- garlic, coriander, cornflour slurry

Oyster Sauce – 2Tb Chinese Cooking Wine, 2Tb Thai Oyster Sauce, 1Tb Kepjap Manis, 1Tb lite Soy Sauce, 1Tb honey, 2tsp Garlic Minced, 1tsp ginger minced serve with green shallots, celery, baby corn, carrot, broccoli and marinate the beef in this sauce . serve with steamed rice

Poached Chicken – 1Tb Soy, 1/4 cup Chicken stock, 1tsp garlic, 1 tsp ginger  serve with toasted sesame seeds on chicken, snow peas and rice