My substitute ingredients

For me lately budgets are tight and cost of living has increased h

But it doesnt mean you can’t eat healthy. Here are some things i have done in recent weeks.

  • See what you have in freezer, fridge and pantry and use it up first before spending $ on grocery items.
  • Many sauces can be made with pantry staples without buying premade  packet mixes
  • Healthy fillers such as gluten free pasta, rice, couscous, polenta, pureed and mashed veggies stretch meals a little further but watch serving sizes
  • Frozen vegetables have come in handy and does 2-4meals for 2 people just add fish or salmon/poultry/meat or any of the above for a meal
  • Homemade Soup is a quick filling meal
  • toasted sandwhiches
  • Eat Salad even in winter
  • Jelly or fruit cups or berries and yogurt for dessert
  • Homebaked slices cakes muffins
  • Eggs go a long way lots of quick meals
  • Meat free dishes
  • Use Vegetables instead of lasagne sheets for healthier lasagne eg zucchini, carrot, eggplant
  • Lactose free items eg  cheese, milk, cream cheese and cream have been a godsend to substitute dairy
  • Wraps instead of bread.
  • Coconut milk to replace cream or sour cream in recipes or to enhance asian curries or add to sauces
  • Lemon garlic ginger lime chili will flavour most asian dishes
  • Use tinned salt reduced or organic beans instead of mince
  • Some organic vegetables are cheaper than regular vegetables or look for them on special and use them straight away
  • Meat on special will freeze well and keep a few weeks
  • Foodworks or iga are the cheaper version of coles snd woolies and can save $
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