Meals this week

I have reverted back to some old recipes I use to make all the time but I have updated them to a healthier versions.

Chicken Sausage with homemade mushroom sauce (organic flour, bone broth, mushrooms, organic butter, garlic, lactose free milk) served with steamed baby carrots and steamed greens

Turkey shepherds pie no mash

Grass-fed beef stroganoff with Gluten-free/wheat-free pasta and steam green beans no cream used lactose free milk for the creaminess












Chinese Lemon Sauce (Lemon juice & zest, rice flour, honey, water)

Sweet n sour sauce (kepjap manis, tomato sauce, apple cider vinegar, chicken bone broth, raw sugar, pineapple juice, arrowroot powder, water, shoux xing cooking wine ) w chicken breast, carrot,celery, onion, capsicum, green shallot, pineapple. Seeved with spring rolls baked in oven served with sweet chili sauce