Hubby’s turn to cook

A Quick Stir Fry for hubby to cook and I had precooked the rice to save time.

Thai holy basil chili stir fry chicken and jasmine rice w stirfry veg












Serves 2 people

200g breast cut into cubes  (*per person for dinner or 100g for lunch)

1 holy basil and thai chili sauce pouch (*serves 2)

1 cup stirfry frozen veg (serves 2)

1 cup cooked jasmine rice (serves 2)*you could use 90second microwave pouch


Cut chicken into cubes

Stir fry chicken and cook til almost done then add sauce and vegetables with 2Tb water and stir fry until heated through and vegetables are cooked but not mushy

Serve with pre-cooked rice (heated on serving plate 2min in microwave to reheat rice and heat plate )