Korean Bibimbap Bowl: Japanese Teriyaki Pork

Love these Bibimbap bowls (Korean have Bibimbap, Japanese have bento box) but same sort of thing and budda bowls are also a take off of these. Korean serve theirs in a dolsot stone bowl which keeps things hot. Bibimbap means mixed rice with meat and vegetables and usually is served with gochujang a hot chili paste sauce you can add sriarcha instead if you don’t have it. The ingredients are a range of different textures, tastes, colours and flavours.

Bibimbap bowl

This also has a fried egg which wasn’t done at time of photo, it goes on top of the rice in middle.










Ingredients serves 2 bowls

1 serve homemade teriyaki sauce see prev post

1 pork chop sliced in half (on side of the steak run fillet knife through to other side to make 2 thin steaks) (Cook to your liking)

4 handfuls basmati rice (*Cooked by absorption method with water to just cover the rice, cooked on high in microwave 10min then fluff with fork – do not drain or rinse rice after its cooked)

10 slices cucumber,

2 button mushroom sliced

1/2 large organic carrot peeled and grated

2tsp pickled ginger

2tsp tumeric kraut

1 nori sheet cut into shreds.

2 organic free range eggs



Cook sauce then pork separately. then dip pork into sauce. until serving.

cook rice as above

slice cucumber and mushrooms.

grate carrot

divide the ingredients between two bowls evenly

Place rice in middle of the bowl then add remaining ingredients around the rice.

cook egg until runny in middle and place on top of the rice


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