Soups: Asian Eggplant Soup

My own version of flavours from  aggadashi soup and miso combined. I havent made it before but this soup is delicious







Ingredients serves 4

1 eggplant sliced and quartered

1 punnet swiss brown mushrooms

1/2 punnet button mushrooms

3 green shallots


2 miso instant soup sachets

Equal parts : tamari gluten free soy, mirin, rice wine vinegar.

1 Palm sugar cube grated

2 green shallots

1tsp minced ginger

1tsp minged garlic

1tb shoux xing cooking wine

1tb light soy

1 vegetables stock cube

2 cups water


Chop eggplant and mushrooms into similar size pieces and place in large pot or slow cooker (cook on low 4hrs in slow cooker)

Add remaining water

Cook on high 10 mon then simmer for minimum of 2 hours on stove.

Serve with pickled ginger