Trip Meals

Self Catering 4 day Weekend Trip . I am happy we have meals we can stay on track with. We do have full kitchen facilities but I find if I pre-make then its only a reheat job and no stress and everyone can enjoy the weekend. But as its hubbys birthday we are going to celebrate it.

Breakfast are the berry, greek yogurt, seeds and nuts with museli pots,

Lunches are premade salads,

Dinners are hot meals

and 2 meals out.

Snacks : Bliss balls, Miso Soup for me

Snacks : Apples & Peanut toast for hubby


Herbal Tea &. Water bottles for me

Coffee for hubby.

The 8 Week blood Sugar Cookbook: Breakfast Berries and Yogurt Seed and Nuts Pots (*I added 1Tb muesli to each pot)











Salad extra for snack if hungry







San choi Vietnamese Prawn Rice Paper Rolls

crying tiger homemade











Paleo snags with avocado, tomato, free range egg, sauce , low GI low Carb Bread










Savoury Turkey Mince left from lasagne and paleo lamb chipolatas w low carb low GI bread












Tuna Salad










Cottage Pie Homemade










Turkey Lasagne w Garden Salad











Eat Out for Hubby’s Birthday

Meals Out Birthday Dinner

Complimentary Pappadum and Water

Spices29 Goan Indian Restaurant Woy Woy
Share Platter Entrée Tikka Chicken, Haryali Kebab, Lamb Barrah Kebab, Sheek Kebab

Entrée Served with Mint Chutney








Spices 29 Goan Indian Restaurant Mains with 3 Sides Platter

3 Sides Platter: Mint Chutney, Cucumber Raita, Hot Pickles and asked for Jeera/Coconut Rice but was given Tumeric Rice

Mains : Prawn Vindaloo, Lamb Chennai (Madras Style)

















Mango Lassi

Plain Lassi

Tumeric Rice (We asked for Jeera Coconut Rice )















Meal #2 Out McDonalds on way home

Buffalo Crispy Chicken Burger and hubby got Grande Big Mac Meal

Warm Chocolate Cake from McCafe