My Recipes Inspired by the 8 Week Blood Sugar Cookbook

I love creating new recipes and now have more ideas to do thanks to this great healthy diet. I have lost weight on it so far and so has hubby (a dress size down for both of us already! its only been a few weeks since starting)

Slow Cooked Beef Brisket with Paleo BBQ Sauce cooked in slow cooker on low for 6 hours and Garden Salad Bowl (*The sauce reminds me of crying tiger sauce soo good )












Bulk Basic Garden Salad for Catering Dinner,  My basic Garden Salad : Mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber, red onion, sliced black olives, capsicum, grated carrot served with Italian Dressing (*to be served with Skinny Eggplant Lasagne Recipe from the 8 week blood sugar cookbook)


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