The 8 Week Blood Sugar Cookbook : Dinners

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Going well so far and loving the meals.  So many great combinations of flavours. Easy to make and so tasty.

Dinners here. (Breakfasts & Lunches on different post)

Red Cabbage Slaw with Turkey Burgers

Quick  Quiche in a dish with my own salad

Balsamic beets with greek feta, spinach, walnuts, red onion and lemon juice (My own salad not from cookbook)

Quick Quiche in a dish – Recipe says serves 4 but I found it actually serves 6 and 1/6th is plenty especially the salt in the cheese

Roasted Capsicum Salad with Mixed leaves, cucumber deseeded and skinned, Red onion, Yellow Tomatoes, French Dressing (*My own salad combination)

Quick Quiche in a dish w salad and kimchi (*No roasted capsicum)


Quick quiche in a dish w salad (& roasted capsicum)

Chicken Mushroom “pie” before its cooked and finished topping I wanted to show the colourful vegetables you get

Chicken mushroom “pie”

Chicken and mushroom “pie
















Moroccan Meatballs in Tomato Sauce – I only made half the recipe and didn’t roll them into meatballs. I served with cauliflower mash

Turkey Burger Patties Served with Portobello “Buns” and Roasted Capsicum all cooked on the bbq. Made Tzatziki from the recipe in cookbook.

Turkey Burger Pattie with Portobello Mushroom and Roasted Capsicum with Tzatziki  *so filling I couldn’t eat mine so split into two dinners

Easy bolognaise sauce

Easy bolognaise sauce into chili con carne w lentils

chicken laksa soup






















paprika chicken kebab precooked

paprika chicken kebab

paprika chicken kebab deconstructed with tzatziki









Cottage Pie filling with added celery to recipe

Cottage Pie w Mash (*using up what’s in pantry – recipe has cauliflower mash)