Weekend Meals

This weekend I was trying to stay on track but got a little hungrier than normal so there were other things eg this miso soup to fill in the gaps between meals which would be a meal in itself.

Saturday Breakfast :  https://cookwithbarb.com/2018/04/14/prosciutto-poached-egg

Snack : Miso Soup with Nori

Sat Lunch : Cleavers beef hotdogs

Sat Dinner : Peter Evans Simmer Sauce Thai Green Curry Chicken served with Brown Rice & Fresh Red chilies

Sunday  Breakfast : The other half of this.  https://cookwithbarb.com/2018/04/13/supper-wrap/

Lunch: Pete Evans Healthy Everyday Meal Italian Meatballs.

Dinner: Mexican Mince & Beans (*Shown 4 serves 2 for dinner tonight and 2 for tomorrow lunch)