Stir fry: vegetables in Gluten Free Oyster Sauce

A simple stir fry doesnt take long to do. Use whatever vegetables you have needing to be used up. I had this for breakfast but it can be any time of the day.  This can be the base for any Chinese dish.  Just change the sauce (*eg Hoisin, Black Bean, Sweet N Sour, Lemon)  and add meat/fish/seafood/poultry. If you like it hot add fresh diced chilies

Stirfry vegetables in Chinese gluten free oyster sauce











Recipe serves 2

1ts peanut oil

1tb gluten free oyster sauce

1/4 red capsicum(1 cheek) sliced into batons

1 onion sliced

1 baby carrot sliced into batons

3 mushrooms sliced

1 green dhallot cut into batons

1cm knob fresh ginger (no skin) cut into strips

3 cloves garlic crushed


Cut vegetables the same length for even quick cooking

Heat wok/pan on high put all ingredients in together snd stir fry with ladel. Keep moving the veg for a copule of minutes. Remove from heat. Plate up and enjoy.

Tip have everything ready to go into pan before cooking.

Nb: ttaditional way is to fry onion garlic ginger first until onions are translucent then add veg then sirfry 2 minutes then add sauce stir fry until all coated.

I personally dont bother with traditional way anymore as it works and tastes same if it all goes in together.