Organic Egg Muffins

I use to make these way before it was popular with paleo and keto diets. Make a batch and keep in air tight container. Grab one or two for breakfast or snack or lunch or dinner. For paleo AIP use AIP Vegetables. 

Organic egg muffins











Ingredients serves 6 muffins

2 organic free range eggs

2tb lactose free milk (*can omit this for paleo and add a 3rd egg)

1/4 green shallot diced

1/8 organic carrot diced

1/8 red capsicum diced

2 organic button mushrooms diced

Light pinch seasalt and pepper


Preheat oven 180*c

Beat eggs and milk together and pour evenly into silicon moulds inserted into muffin trays (*or spray muffin tin with cooking spray)

Chop remaining ingredients into a medium dice. Then evenly distribute amongst muffins .

Bake 20 minutes (they are done when you wabble tray and no liquid can be seen)

*use whatrver vegetables or meat eg bacon, mince,  deli meat, you need to use up.