Chinese : chicken in gluten free oyster

I made a basic white chinese sauce then added gluten free oyster sauce to the dish with leftover stir fry vegetables from breakfast. It is the same sauce I use for White Garlic Prawn Sauce with added coriander to it. To make Chinese brown sauce add Kepjap Manis to it

Chinese white sauce











Ingredients serves 3

1cup vegetable stock

1tsp arrowroot powder mix with 1ts warm water make slurry

1tsp ginger

1tsp garlic minced

1 green shallot sliced on diagonal

1/2tsp raw sugar

Light Pinch seasalt and white pepper


Mix all together in saucepsn until sauce thickens

Add 200g chicken breast cubes and 2cups stir fry vegetables with 1Tb gluten-free oyster sauce and stir until mixed through vegetables and chicken are cooked. Serve with cooked brown rice

Gluten free oyster sauce chicken stir-fry


Chinese homemade dinner: Chinese prawn toast baked not fried, mini spring rolls baked not fried, Chinese gluten-free oyster chicken stir fry with brown rice.