2 Minute Noodles w no sachet

Two minute noodles are a great quick fix. Noodles are easy to make. I toss season sachet in the bin and create my own seasoning depending on what I feel like on the day and what is available. (For Ramen Noodles see Ramen Noodle Post they are a different type but very similar noodle)

Here  are some different ways to make them.

Hubby doesn’t like the stock so he drains his but for me I love it as it’s where all the flavour is and I like a noodle soup with added extras.

I simply boil the kettle and pour hot water over noodles until they are submerged. I add my own spices or herb  flavourings or toppings. I cook mine for 2 minutes in the microwave.

Hubby doesn’t cook his in microwave so he covers the bowl and just has the boiling water on top of the noodles then drains them and adds whatever else to it but cooks the toppings in microwave without the noodles in separate bowl then adds to the noodles when done.. 

2 minute Wholegrain noodles with poached chicken breast fillet, carrot, capsicum, green shallot, vegepod tatsoi and bok choy and basil, herb pot mint, pickled ginger, fodmap gluten free chicken stock, fresh ginger, lite soy, gluten free oyster sauce

Kimchi, carrot, turkey, coriander, beef stock w 2minute wholegrain noodles














Pho Gai:  pho gai stock cube, 2 min wholegrain noodles without seasoning sachet, fresh mint basil coriander from herb pots and aldi chicken deli meat.

Roast Duck Asian Stock (beef stock, tamari, fresh ginger, chinese 5 spice, garlic powder, green shallot, coriander, red chili flakes) & 2min wholegrain noodles no sachet