Thai Veal bowl

I love simple dishes that are so easy and colourful to make with little to no prep.  I didn’t have the normal pork or chicken only veal in freezer so I used that as a experiment and it worked just as good if not better with this marinade. Soo good. 

Thai veal bowl











Ingredients Serves 2

1 cake Vermicelli

2Tb Ginger kraut

2 Organic fried egg

1 Handful fresh Mint from herb pot

1 Handful fresh Coriander from herb pot

1 Handful fresh Basil from Vegepod

2 Baby Carrots Julienne

2 Cukes Ribbons

2Tb Pickled Ginger

2 Serves Marinated veal

(Marinated meat for 3hr: 1 handful coriander leaves and roots, light pinch white pepper & sea-salt, 1ts garlic minced, 1 cube palm sugar grated, 1TB Kepjap Manis and 1Tb lite soy, 1Tb fish sauce and 1tsp sesame oil)


Make the Veal Recipe

Soak vermicelli in hot water until translucent then drain. Divide between 2 bowls.

Fry eggs in hot non stick skillet (No oil or spray needed) and cook to your liking.

Julienne with julienne peeler for the carrot and do ribbons for the cuke with peeler.

Arrange in bowl as shown above.

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