Easter Weekend Camping

Camping Imprompt weekend away with camp fire cooking on portable camp fire surrounds.

The Billy boiling hot water for tea/coffee and miso soup. 

Snacks On trip :


Gluten Free Chips

Gluten Free Chips

Gluten Free Vege Chips

Coles Slices Hedgehog, caramel and not shown peppermint

Miso soup

Miso Soup – 2 serves in 1 box



car snacks

Car Snacks













Other Meals Not on BBQ: 

2min wholemeal beef noodles


Salad bowl w steamed chicken (made 2 meals the same as this)









Meals Cooked on BBQ Hotplate: 

Boiling water in the billy can on the fire coals


Campfire fish and vegetables

Campfire fish and veg cooking

Snags on BBQ


toast cooked on campfire

spaghetti and toast campfire


spaghetti on campfire toast

Sausage Hot Pot (Mixed vegetables cooked in saucepan, sausages were cooked on hot plate then later reheated in foil for 2 minutes.



Sausage Hotpot

toasted sandwiches

toasted sandwiches : tomato, Lactose free cheese and turkey deli on soy and linseed bread




















We got home a day earlier than expected so on trip home we had this for dinner after 5 hr drive.

Hot dogs with home baked Chips when we got home using up hot dog rolls and campfire sausages with onion and sauce