Weekend Meals: Saturday

Weekend Meals at Home.  Was in the mood to cook healthy meals. Vegepod Fresh herbs and Rocket, Tomato, Cucumbers were used in meals today.  More carbs than I usually have and it’s the end of holidays with hubby.

Saturdays Meals – Autumn



Breakfast : vegepod rocket burger -Vegepod rocket, avocado, free range egg, mayo, smoked salmon on wholemeal English muffin

Lunch: Alfredo, lemon pepper tuna and garden salad same bbq lunch yesterday

Drink: Lemon lime bitters waterfords mineral water, organic apple cider vinegar, Manuka honey, lemon juice

Dinner: Barb’s Parma (Coles herb garlic schnitzel, 1tb dolmioes salt reduced pasta sauce, 1tb parmesan grated cheese on top of schnitzel *180celcius 30min in oven, ) homemade wedges (baby potatoes halved soak in water 20min remove starch drain water. Add olive oil , season all, sea-salt, black pepper, toss coat evenly and cook in oven with Parma), Coles beet slaw, vegepod slaw, with homemade aioli dressing (organic mayo, crushed garlic, lemon juice, sea salt, black pepper )

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