Eating Out 2018

My Photos of meals eaten out this year.  Some lovely meals.

Starting with the 1st January 2018.

New Years Day Lunch was at Harbour view Thai in Shellharbour village. They are located upstairs at 4/7 Addison St, Shellharbour, Wollongong, NSW. It was quite a busy lunch service. All the tables on the outside deck were taken so we were given one inside. We have eaten here before and service is usually good. After we arrived and others patrons left the tables on deck, new patrons came in after us and were given a table on the deck while we still hadn’t ordered. No one came to take our order nor check if we would like a table on deck before the others were seated. Today was very slow and they got drinks order incorrect. The dishes were put down in front of us with no attention as to who ordered what. I got hubby’s meal so we swapped plates after the waitress left the table. Food was beautiful as always. When came time to pay they gave us the wrong docket. I questioned the lady as I noticed the mistake as it was double to what we had and she realised her mistake. The till person fixed the mistake quickly. They also charged a surcharge fee as it was public holiday so be aware this does happen here. But even though service wasn’t up to scratch today it was a lovely lunch which we both did enjoy. Portion sizes were good. Food was hot and tasty.

Harbourview Thai Shellharbour. Pad Khee Mao (Thai thick Noodles with mixed vegetables, birds eye chili and basil sauce with peppercorns, served with lemon wedge)

Pad Thai chicken (Pad Thai noodles stir fried with egg, bean sprout, chicken, garlic, garlic chives, crushed peanuts garnish lemon wedge and coriander)


Hungry Jacks is a fast food place we use to take kids when they were little for birthday parties. We haven’t been back for many years. For us it was a quick visit as the calories consumed with the stunner meal were shockingly a whole days meal allowance in one meal. We went here again the other day on way home from being out all day. We went to go inside to order and the queue was out the door. So we jumped back in the car and got drive through. When we ordered we were told chicken stunner deals were a extra dollar $6.10. So we paid the extra as we needed to get the food and continue our journey. Time Before: Tonight we had a great meal, value for money and friendly service. The only downside was the amount of salt as it saturated everything. The stunner meal is $5.95 with burger, chips, nuggets, drink and mini drumstick for dessert. I couldn’t eat the dessert as I was full from the rest of it.


$iki $iki Kebab House . This new kebab place opened up last year. It is the first time we have eaten here. We ordered takeaway. Great fast friendly service cooked while you wait. Hot and Delicious. Was a good kebab. They have meal deals available as well with hot chips and drink. This time we didn’t get a meal deal just the kebab. They are open until late 11pm-1am depending on the day. Another night we got the Meal Combo Deal $15 includes kebab, drink and small chips. Value for money and very filling . Late night feast. This time we had a different person serving and they added lots of meat and salad to the kebab.

$iki $iki Kebab with the lot Combo Deal



The Stanny is a fish and chip shop that took over where Ruby’s use to be at Stanwell Park. We have been here twice now. First time the queue to be served was out the door and half hour wait at lunch time. This time we were straight up to the counter no one else waiting to be served. We have ordered the $15 seafood basket on both occasions. They are big serves for 1 person (*I split them into 2 meals for myself).

The Stanny – Fisherman’s Basket


Michelle Bridges brought out Frozen Meals a couple of years ago now. They are sold in Woolworths and were a cheap meal $6.50-7 for a night off cooking. What I thought was a great choice for paleo meal as it had wholemeal quinoa, chicken and loaded with vegetable and cauliflower mash had a lot more salt than I would normally have but it was a nice meal and combination. Though I did notice in Healthy Food Guide Australia Magazine some of her other meals have won awards under healthy choice meals for frozen dinners. (At time of purchase those ones were not available)

MB Delicious Nutritious Creamy Cauliflower Cheese Chicken



Zouki Café at St Vincent’s Private Darlinghurst : I have been going to this café when it use to be wintergarden café inside the private hospital. About 3 yrs ago it changed to Zouki Café. Premade Rolls, Wraps, Sushi. Salad Bar to made to order. Coffee Counter. Less Fresh meals and variety than wintergarden café but still good food and quality and quantity is worth the $. My friend and I ordered a Schnitzel Roll and they toasted it then gave it to us at the table. They had forgotten her coffee and when we had to ask it arrived not to what she ordered even though we showed the receipt to the waitress. But overall they are fast service and good for the hungry patient between appointments. A bit pricey $48 for lunch with rolls and a drink each, and my friend got at yogurt takeaway and I got a sushi pack take away. (Sorry no photo). I returned a week later with hubby for another appointment at the hospital late in the afternoon. We got some drinks and it was $5 for a large coffee and $3.50 for Ginger Ale. Hubby and I returned a week later and got a Chicken Avocado Garden Salad, Apple Juice, Toasted Schnitzel Roll and Cappuccino for lunch $30.70.


EQ Café Deakin ACT.  Attended my nephews wedding here on the weekend. Great food. Lovely staff. The heavens opened up as the reception was on the terrace and they helped everyone get inside without too much stress or fuss just after mains were eaten.

Wedding EQ Café

EQ Café Entrée

EQ Café Entrée

EQ Café Main

EQ Café Main


Diplomat Motel Griffith ACT : Buffet breakfast at motel we stayed at for the wedding. Great selection from cereals, toast, pancakes with maple syrup, croissants & pastries, muffins, hot dishes included scrambled egg, sausage, tomato, mushroom, bacon, baked beans, potatoes, tea/coffee, & juices. For $20 all you can eat was value for money.

Diplomat all you can eat buffet breakfast $20


WB Brasserie Dapto Leagues: We have been here several times over the last few years including celebrating birthdays with the family. This occasion Hubby and I ate at the club last night for a meal out as he didn’t want to cook. He ordered Grilled Barramundi Fillet (G) with macadamia and chive crust $19.90 (Members price)with chips and salad, I got the Roast of the day – Roasted Pork Loin with Roasted Vegetables and Broccoli with Gravy $16.95 (Members Price) Total meal with a drink each it came to around $45. The meals are a large serve and my roast was probably equal to 2 normal serves for me. Very filling. Fast friendly service on a quiet night, even though the tables were half full. Always a good feed here. Busy times prepared to wait

Dolphins Café Kiama located opposite the Presbyterian Church. Hubby and I went for a day drive to Kiama and had lunch at this little café. This was a less expensive find. Very quick service and we sat out on the footpath tables with deck umbrellas to shelter from the sun. Café is opposite the Presbyterian church at 38 Terralong Street that leads to the Kiama blowhole. Just near the overhead bridge where trains go. We only came to this one as the café we use to go to for the last 25 years was no longer on the strip and all the other new cafes were charging $20-$25 for lunch menus. So many new cafes now in Terralong Street. This one though has been there by the look of it for a while. Personally I probably wouldn’t go back to this one


Sea View Café Port Kembla – Hubby surprised me by taking me to lunch here today on this beautiful autumn day. This is the 2nd time I have been here. Great food and good service. Meal for 2 with a drink each was $51 for lunch

KFC Family Meal Box is value for money 2 wraps, 2 burgers, 2 large chips, 6 nuggets, and small popcorn for $27.95 ( they ask what burgers and wraps you want but I have noticed if you get zingers for some of the wrap and burgers it was extra) This box does 2 meals for us. We get it occasionally when travelling on way home. Definitely a occasional meal as its a whole days worth of calories in one meal.

  • East Lynne Café on the way to Pretty Beach was a roadside café with fuel stop. Homemade fresh pies and pastries and sweet dessert treats. I got the spinach and cheese pasties $6.50 and hubby had curried beef pie$6.50 and sausage roll $4.50 with large cappuccino $4.50. Great hot food and we stopped here on the way there and returned on a different day.

Spinach and Cheese Pasties

Pete Evans Healthy Everyday Ready Made Meals : Good for when you want a healthy paleo meal ready in 3min in microwave. They keep in fridge for 28 days. Woolworths are now selling them for $12 or you can order at Pete’s Website for $12.95 each meal but there is a minimum order 6meals plus delivery through his website. They are good to have on hand when you don’t want to cook but don’t want to eat junk food or go out.