Quick Curry Sauce 4 ways

My adapted version of Jamie Oliver Cook in Curry Sauce he had on boys weekend. I didn’t have some of the ingredients at time of making it so here is what I did have and it was a nice curry








Ingredients serves 4

1Tb Olive Oil

1tsp Seeded wholegrain Mustard

1tsp fenugreek seeds

1pot Thai Green Curry Paste (Five taste Curry Pot)

1 handful fresh chili leaves from my chili pot (*Use curry leaves if you have them)

1tsp fresh grated ginger

1tsp fresh grated Tumeric

1 onion diced red and brown mixed 1/2 of each

5 plumb tomatoes chopped

1tsp chili powder

400g organic Coconut Milk



Chop tomato and onions and add with remaining ingredients except coconut milk to pan.

cook for about 10minutes then add coconut milk and stir in for a couple of minutes until mixed through.

(Be careful not to curdle it)

Remove from heat and store in sealed container in fridge until ready to use it

For Fish add 100g fish fillet boneless skinless per person,  1tb tamarind paste and 1 handful fresh spinach

For Chicken add 1Tb Cashews and 100g chicken per person

For Vegetarian add sweet potato, capsicum, zucchini, baby yellow squash, spinach, pumpkin, Cauli, lentils, green beans