Camping Weekend

Camping weekend away. Didn’t plan on total fire ban not being able to cook even with gas cooker but got these meals done before the fire ban was enforced.

This weekends meals include:

Snacks : Muesli bars

Breakfast Peanut toast








Afternoon Tea Crudités and dip








Dinner Sausage and Alfredo





Breakfast Sausage onion mushrooms toast









Breakfast Spaghetti and sausages toast









Lunch salad bowl








Lunch Organic Beef Mince, Mexican black beans, cumin, coriander, Mexican chili powder and Garlic powder









Afternoon tea Ccs and salsa






Dinner Steak veg mash potato w gravy

Mineral water







Fire Ban then was put into place so we packed up and went home earlier than planned as the wind also came up and were blown away. So home to KFC for lunch on way home.

On way home takeaway lunch










Coconut Water

Mineral Water

Tea and Coffee


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