Breakfast Wrap

Great start for the day. Filling and keeps you going until lunch time. It can be a lunch or dinner meal as well.

Breakfast Wrap


Ingredients per person 

1 Lebanese Bread,

1/4 Avocado,

1 handful Rocket & Spinach Mix leaves,

1/2 Green Spring Onion cut on diagonal

1/8 Green Capsicum cut into strips

100g  Chicken Breast Fillet cut into  strips

Optional : Add 1TB BBQ Sauce



Cut chicken and capsicum into strips (roughly same size pieces for even cooking)

Pan fry for chicken and green capsicum strips in non stick skillet cooked for 3min then turn and cook  together in same pan until chicken is cooked through.

Cut or mash the avocado and spread on Lebanese bread in middle of the wrap

Place leaves on top of avocado and green shallot on top

then the cooked chicken and capsicum evenly down centre of the wrap (*add bbq sauce if having it)

Fold ends in of the bread and roll. Cut in half on diagonal

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