Breakfast: this weeks breakfast

This week I am making more effort to cook meals at home rather than eat out. Hubby is on holidays so its tempting to just go out and enjoy eating out but I am aware that I don’t know how meals are prepared and calories can increase as well as sodium if I am not careful which then has a adverse affect with my health issues. I came back from 3 day weekend with what I thought were healthy meals out to find a 3kg gain. 

Italian Sausages, Onion, Egg, Vegepod Tomato & Avocado


1/  Italian Sausages, Onion and Egg cooked in non stick skillet. Cut tomato and avocado into fan shape then spread apart on plate. (see above photo)

2/ Mushroom & Vegepod tomato & Basil Free Range Egg cooked in non stick skillet (no spray or oil) with 1 slice Soy Linseed Bread toasted in toaster spread  with 1tsp Proactive margarine

3/ Avocado mashed on rye toast with proactive margarine  served with vegepod tomato and pan fried free range egg with pepper

4/ Organic Baked Beans and Toast with proactive margarine

4/ organic baked beans on toast


3/ Avocado Smash

2/ Mushroom, Vegepod Tomato & Basil, Free Range Egg, Soy Linseed Toast.