Honey Soy Sesame Chicken

Another quick marinade for chicken is my own honey soy sesame Chicken. Great as a stir fry or in salad rolls.

Honey Soy Sesame Chicken

Ingredients serves 4

500g Chicken Breast Fillet cubed

1Tb Honey

1Tb Kepjap Manis Sweet Indonesian Soy

1-2 Garlic Cloves Minced

1-2Tb Sesame Seeds

1 Lemon Juiced



Cut Chicken into cubes

Mix the other ingredients together in container with lid

Add chicken and mix well.

Marinate overnight if possible of minimum 1hour

Vietnamese Bread Roll with Dijon, Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, Pickled Ginger
Same Roll add Honey Soy Sesame Chicken