Cook with Hubby : Five Taste Vietnamese Chicken

Pretty easy one as it was hubbies turn to cook I am teaching him different quick meals to make.

Vietnamese Chicken stirfry










Ingredients Serves 2

1  Five Taste Vietnamese Lemongrass Pot

350g Chicken Breast Fillet cut into cubes

1 Cup Mixed Vegetables Frozen

1/2 Pouch jasmine Rice 90 second Microwave

1Tb Peanut Oil (Can also use Olive oil or coconut oil)


Cut the chicken add to skillet with 1 tb Peanut oil

Cook until brown add five taste pot and mix vegetables and stir fry for 2-3minutes

until vegetables are cooked through.

Tear corner of pouch of rice and place in microwave cook for 90 seconds

Serve with meal.

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