Rosti with full breakfast

Homemade Rosti for weekend breakfast was on the menu today. So good and so filling for a busy day ahead.

Rosti with Full Breakfast

See my previous post for the Rosti recipe.


No Mayo, Rosti Breakfast
















Ingredients Serves 1 

1 Organic Free Range Egg

2 Wagu Sausages

2 homemade Rosti

5 Button mushrooms

1 Clove Garlic

1tsp Cholesterol Reduce Margarine

2 Cubes Frozen Spinach

1Tb Lemon Honey Mayo

Method : 

Make and Cook the Rosti as per recipe

Slice the mushrooms and crush the garlic.

To non stick skillet add margarine and crushed garlic with mushrooms & spinach and

sauté until mushrooms are cooked through and spinach is no longer frozen.

Remove to serving plate and keep warm in low oven on warm setting (approx. 150*C)

Cook the sausages (*Tip I split them in half lengthwise to speed up cooking)

and the egg in non stick skillet and add to plate.

Enjoy with the mayo as the dipping sauce for the Rosti.