Panko garlic schnitzel

Cooking together this meal was great knowing the salad was all homegrown from the vegepod. We made our own schnitzels too and cooked them in coconut oil. It made a double batch of chicken schnitzels so we have another meal and less mess to make.

Panko garlic schnitzel w chips and vegepod salad









Schnitzel Ingredients serves 4

500g chicken breast fillets

1/4 cup panko crumbs

2 organic free range egg

1/4 cup gluten-free plain flour

1tb garlic powder

1tb parsley chopped finely

1tb coconut oil


Pound chicken with meat cleaver

Add garlic powder and parsley to flour and mix well. Place in breading tray/plate #1

Beat eggs in breading tray/plate #2

Add panko crumbs to breading tray/plate #3

Dip chicken into flour then egg then panko crumbs.

Fry in coconut oil in frypan. Cook until golden on both sides

Serve with

1/2 cup frozen straight cut chips  (serves 2)

Salad: serves 2

2 plumb tomatoes (grown in vegepod)

1 small lettuce  (grown in vegepod )

30g small kale leaves (grown in vegepod)

2 cucumber  (grown in vegepod )

1 lemon sliced into quarters (use 1 slice on each salad and 1 on each schnitzel )


Cook chips in ovenproof dish 3min in microwave on high then 5 minutes on 200*c oven (convection microwave )

*Chips can be cooked 20min in normal oven on greased tray with cooking spray while you are preparing schnitzel

Cut cucumber and tomato add to lettuce and kale and mix well.

Slice lemon and squeeze one wedge on salad and the other on schnitzels.