Duck in Hoisin & Chili

Duck Breast #2 in Five Tastes Hoisin & Chili Pot with brown sugar and Kepjap Manis served with Vegepod Bok Choy.

Duck in Hoisin & Chili










Ingredients Serves 1

1 Duck Breast

1 Baby Bok Choy fresh from vegepod

1 Five Taste Hoisin & Chili Shot

1tsp Brown Sugar

1tsp Kepjap Manis Sweet Soy


Pan Seared the duck to render fat in non stick skillet then

continue to cook with lid on top of duck to steam it.

About 3min each side

In Separate Saucepan add the hoisin & chili shot, brown sugar

and soy and cook on low until sugar dissolves.

It goes thick like a sticky sauce.

Steam the wombok under the lid of the duck for final minute of cooking.

Serve duck on the wombok and spoon over the sauce

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