Salad Bowls

At the start of the week I make up salad bowls for hubby’s work lunches. Some days I make the same with a bowl for myself. These are this weeks salads so far.

 Feb #1 Salad Bowl  (Mixed leaves with Carrot, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber, Seedless Black Grapes)


Feb #2 Salad Bowl (Mixed leaves with Carrot, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Green Seedless grapes Baby Pink Kraut)

Feb #3 Salad Bowl (Mixed leaves with Carrot, Seedless Black Olives, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber, Artichokes)

Bowl Salad Feb (Mixed Lettuce with Carrot, organic cherry tomatoes, black seedless grapes, Cucumber, Baby Pink Kraut )

Bowl Salad (Mixed Leaves with Carrot,  organic cherry tomatoes, Cucumber, Artichokes, seedless black olives)