Catering Pot luck; Slaw #4

This was made for a Pot Luck Dinner. 

Based on Asian slaws but I made my own dressing.

Recipe : Slaw #4
Slaw Ingredients
1/4 Red Cabbage
1/8 Wombok Cabbage
1 Cabbage
6 Snow Peas
1 Green Capsicum
1/4 Red Onion

Cut all ingredients same length then mix in bowl.

Option 2 : Bring a Dish to Share Pot Luck Dinner. I made another slaw that was quick and easy and teamed it with my peanut sauce #2 recipe and my coconut cream sauce recipe,

Add Chicken Breasts

Pan fry chicken until cooked through then cut chicken into cubes

Add slaw and peanut sauce to frypan and stir fry until heated through.