Pork in Homemade Plumb Sauce

Another great pork dish using the homemade plumb sauce. Another chinese favourite dish with my makeover on the sauce instead of bottled. 

Pork in Plumb Sauce










Ingredients : 

1/2 cup stir-fry Chinese Vegetables

1/4 packet Quinoa/Brown Rice Medley 90second microwave pouch.

100g Organic Pork Steak

1tsp Kepjap Manis Sweet Soy (Indonesian soy)


Marinate the pork in soy and then cook in non-stick skillet for 2minutes each side.

Remove from pan and stir fry the vegetables.

When cooked mix in with the pork and plumb sauce.

Cook the rice according to directions on packet.

Serve with Pork and vegetables.