Australia Day

Australia Day – Red White & Blue or Green and Gold themes are the flavour of todays meals.  Breakfast was green and gold. Lunch was Aussie BBQ and dinner was grass-fed beef nachos (instead of meat pie and sauce) with gluten free ccs.

Grass fed nachos

Aussie day BBQ









Lunch: We haven’t used this bbq before today and it was quick to cook with. I’m impressed and will be doing more in days to come. BBQ Snags on the barbie. 

BBQ veggies & gluten-free sausages










Ingredients serves 2

6 yellow squash halved

4 cherry tomatoes

6 mushrooms

1/2 red onion sliced

1Tb olive oil

1tb balsamic vinegar

3 Gluten-free sausages


We put the snags in a small foil tray and veggies in another one put the trays on bbq turned on gas and it cooked in 5-10minutes with bbq lid shut. Temp got to 200*c so we then shut off the gas and let heat cook for the remaining time.

Salad Bowl for lunch as well










Breakfast:I wanted to do a sunshine breakfast for the start to the day as it was sunshine outside. This didn’t miss the mark, Australia Day green and gold or as near as I could get it. It also reminds me of the wattle we get in Australia and green of the gumtrees.

Australia Day Breakfast










Ingredients serves 1 :
150g Creamed Corn
2 handfuls Organic Kale
2 Mushrooms

Heat creamed corn in microwave bowl.
Add the kale and mushrooms to non stick pan.
Sprinkle with sea-salt on the kale to make kale chips.
Cook on low heat. Turn often to coat evenly.
Place creamed corn on plate in centre and top with mushrooms.
Decorate around the outside of plate with kale chips.