Grass Fed Beef Mince #2 Base

This is another Grass Fed Beef Mince that has a base for 2 different meals. Enjoy!

Bonito Soy Grass Fed Beef Mince









Ingredients for Base : 

500g Grass Fed Beef Mince

1 Carrot diced

1 Onion Diced

6 Mushrooms Sliced

1Tb Minced Ginger

1Tb Bonito Soy Sauce

1Tb Peanut Oil


Cook altogether in skillet until mince is cooked through

Divide mixture by half for 2 meals.

Meal 1: Serves 1 main or 2 entrée

Serve Base Grass Fed Beef Mince #2 with lettuce leaves as wraps  or rice

Meal 2: Serves 2 Chow Mein Beef

1/2 Qty Grass Fed Beef Mince #2 Base

1/4 Wombok sliced

100g Snow Peas Sliced

1/2 Packet Udon Noodles

Optional : Add 1tb more of the bento soy


To base add the remaining ingredients and stir fry until mixed through.

Chow Mein Beef

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